RegHardware reviewed the new Vye’s mini-v S37B that comes preinstalled with Vista. If you think that your 17″ monitor is too small and 4GB of memory is not enough for Vista? Try this sub-notebook and you’ll see.

Olivetti QuadernoApart for the choice of OS, things are changing in the UMPC market. The new trend started by ASUS is probably going to kill the UMPC as we know it now. Who needs many pieces to carry around and connect them together when they all can be engineered properly to begin with.

After so many years of developing we’re back on the old road traced by the Libretto and more recently by the visionary JVC Mininote series (starting with the MP-XP7210 almost 6 years ago)

I almost forgot the Olivetti Quaderno. That’s probably what started it all.


Everybody seems to be modding the Asus EEE. Here’s a version by MaximizeIT

(…to be continued…)